I’m part of the LGBT Community – I’m half a B!

I hope you got a chance to see some of my week guest hosting The Daily Show. I got to talk about a lot of the important issues, including the rights of the LGBTQ+ and Drag communities. My guest BenDeLaCreme spoke very eloquently about her own experiences and the dangers presented to those communities, specifically in Tennessee and other states around the country.

You can watch my full interview with BenDeLaCreme here.

In Tennessee, they recently passed legislation to ban all gender affirming care for transgender children and legislation prohibiting drag from public spaces. In Florida, MAGA wannabe DeSantis is working to expand his “Don’t Say Gay” law to all grades K-12, a ludicrous extension of his already harmful and hateful policy.

At Midwest Values PAC, we fully support equality for both communities. Gender affirming care is health care. It’s medically necessary, and just like Republicans did with abortion, they are trying to control people’s bodies and get between people and their doctors. I hope you can help MVP. And please watch!


P.S. I usually include a P.S. as an excuse to make yet another ask for support. Why should this be any different?

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