Frankly, I’m scared

The government is about to shut down. And that’s because of these right-wing nutcases in the House who don’t care about the people who will be hurt — including many women, infants, and children who rely on the WIC program. And, of course, federal employees will not see paychecks throughout the shutdown.

The last one, which lasted 35 days from December 22, 2018, to January 26, 2019, cost the federal government $5 billion. Oh. And that’s when Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress and the White House.

Help us beat these guys!


P.S. Frankly, I’m scared.

P.P.S. Of spiders. But also, of these awful, awful, horrific Republicans.

P.P.P.S. In the incredibly unlikely event that they don’t shut down the government between now and Saturday, we will still put your money to good use to support progressives and protect democracy.

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