I want you to door-knock and vote. Or vote and then door-knock. Or make phone calls and vote. Or vote and then make phone calls.

You have every right to vomit when I remind you that I won my first race by 312 votes. But here goes: I won my first race by 312 votes! And we got the Affordable Care Act. Which we would not have gotten unless I had won by… how many? 312.

I know it’s Monday. “Al, I can’t possibly knock on 312 doors by tomorrow.” What? Are you an idiot?! Knock on 12 doors, you putz! Or better, 13!

Knock for a state legislative candidate. Or a congressional candidate. My former chief counsel on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Josh Riley, is running in NY-19 and it’s a dead heat!

You know what’s at stake. Get off your ass! Or, if your ass has been removed, make some phone calls!

There. That’s it. I don’t want your friggin’ money!


P.S. But if you want to donate…

P.P.S. That’s a joke. Door-knock. Call. Vote!

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