A Dirty-Rotten-Transparent Ploy

Yay, Ohio! 

Voters in the Buckeye State voted by a 14-percentage point margin to defeat a ballot initiative that would have required a supermajority of 60% to change the state constitution. 

It was a dirty-rotten-transparent ploy by Republicans to raise the more-than-a-century-old threshold of a simple majority in anticipation of a November ballot initiative to guarantee reproductive health rights for Ohio’s women. And it bit them in the ass!

Since Dobbs v. Jackson, state after state has voted to protect a woman’s right to abortion, including red states like Montana, Kansas, Kentucky, and now, Ohio. 

Abortion will be on the ballot in every state in 2024, just like it was in 2022, and it is a winner for Democrats. Midwest Values PAC has supported only pro-choice candidates throughout our 17-year history, and we won’t stop now.

Please help us support pro-choice candidates who bit their opponents in the ass.


P.S. Only in the sense that they beat them at the ballot box!

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