Senator Al Franken founded Midwest Values PAC (MVP) in the fall of 2005 in order to provide financial and organizational support to Democratic candidates and causes in his home state of Minnesota, throughout the Midwest, and around the country.

In 2006, its first cycle in existence, MVP helped to elect 18 strong Democrats to Congress. These victories played a key role in putting Democrats back in the majority in both the House and the Senate. Many of those MVP-backed winners—and those who would follow in 2008 and 2010—went on to become leaders on Capitol Hill, helping to pass historic health care reform and Wall Street reform legislation.

In 2010, MVP was part of a nationwide effort to protect the Democratic firewall in the Senate, helping longtime champions like California’s Barbara Boxer and Washington’s Patty Murray to win tough races and supporting new faces like Delaware’s Chris Coons and Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal. In the most recent election cycle, MVP helped increase the Democratic majority in the Senate by helping elect great Democrats like Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin, and Chris Murphy and reelect great Senators like Sherrod Brown and Amy Klobuchar.

Now, with corporate special interests newly empowered in our elections and conservatives determined to repeal the progress we’ve made in recent years, MVP is working to level the playing field, supporting the candidates who stand up for working families, and promoting the values we live by here in Minnesota: community, fair play, and common sense.

We need more Democrats in Washington who believe that every family has the right to quality, affordable health care, that equal opportunity and ending discrimination are not open to compromise, that our economy should work for working people, that investing in clean American energy is right for our climate and our economy, that everyone has the right to a quality education, and that government should be honest with the people who elect them.

Our team is on the lookout for MVP candidates and elected officials who put the middle class first. But we’re also on the lookout for ordinary Americans who want to see our government live by those progressive values and are ready to take action. Small contributions from individuals make it possible for us to make a big difference in the races we target, helping our candidates to build strong grassroots campaigns—and win.

It’s an unfortunate truth that money talks in our electoral system. But MVP members across Minnesota and around the country believe that it’s the voices of working people that should be heard in our political debate. Middle class families don’t hire lobbyists. They don’t attend fancy Washington receptions. They don’t sponsor attack ads. But they do deserve leaders who will champion their cause.

That’s why MVP exists. That’s what we fight for. And that’s why we invite you to join us.