Robin Carnahan

Missourian: LETTER: Robin Carnahan will stand up for Missourians

The choice between someone who has, and will, continue to support special interests groups and someone who will represent the average people of Missouri could not be more clear. Congressman Roy Blunt has been in Washington for 14 years supporting special interests groups, and being rewarded by those same groups with large sums of campaign contributions.

Robin Carnahan, however, has been living, working and serving right here in Missouri.

STL Today: Robin Carnahan touts support of police, firefighters

JEFFERSON CITY — With a backdrop of police officers and firefighters behind her, Democrat Robin Carnahan today touted her endoresement by two “first responder” organizations: the Fraternal Order of Police and the International Association of Firefighters.

Carnahan, Missouri’s secretary of state, is battling with Republican congressman Roy Blunt to be the next U.S. senator from Missouri. Both campaigns have hit a stage where, for the most part, their television ads are doing the talking, but both Blunt and Carnahan have also been busy announcing the support of various special interest groups.

Heartland Connection: Carnahan campaigns in Kirksville to “Stop the Bull”

KIRKSVILLE, MO — Democrat Robin Carnahan brought her “Stop the Bull” campaign to Kirksville on Wednesday. In recent months, Carnahan has been traveling throughout Missouri talking about her focus on putting middle class families first and fixing what’s broken in Washington. Carnahan is currently Missouri’s Secretary of State and is running for United States Senate. “To me, Washington is broken” said Carnahan. “First thing that we need to do is get this wasteful spending under control. Second thing we need to do is focus on small businesses that create jobs and not keep bailing out the folks that are to big to fail and got us into this mess. The third thing is we got to take on this culture of corruption and that’s what I was in Kirksville talking about today.”

Kansas City Star: Robin Carnahan seeks lifetime ban on lawmakers serving as lobbyists

COLUMBIA | Democrat Robin Carnahan called for tighter fundraiser laws and a lifetime lobbying ban for Congress members Tuesday while characterizing Republican U.S. Senate rival Roy Blunt as a prime example of Washington’s “culture of corruption.”

Carnahan, Missouri’s secretary of state, used the debut of her ethics and campaign finance proposals to launch her sharpest attack yet on Blunt, a southwest Missouri congressman and former member of House Republican leadership.

KSMU: Carnahan, Blunt Disagree Over Oil Spill Liability

As the race for an open U.S. Senate seat in Missouri continues to heat up, recent comments made by Democratic candidate Robin Carnahan has Republican Roy Blunt and his campaign up in arms. This time the disagreement centers around the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. KSMU’s Justin Lux has the story.

Following a May 18th speech by Roy Blunt in St. Louis, Robin Carnahan’s campaign website posted video clips from Blunt’s speech. The videos include allegations that Blunt is trying to limit the amount of money that oil company British Petroleum or “BP” has to pay for the clean-up of oil in the Gulf.

Carnahan’s campaign is portraying Blunt as a politician who is influenced by so-called “Big Oil.”

St. Louis American: Sec. of State Robin Carnahan speaks on Wall Street reform legislation

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan was eager to voice her opinion regarding the U.S. Senate’s passage of the Wall Street reform legislation. Carnahan hopes that it will be the first of many actions to protect citizens in the future.

Her complete statement reads as follows:

“Although I’m pleased that the Senate has finally taken some action to rein in Wall Street, more needs to be done to protect consumers against future financial crises.