Joe Sestak

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Ex GOP Sen. Hagel endorses Sestak

Former Sen. Chuck Hagel said he voted straight Republican when he cast his first vote, filling out the absentee form on the back of a tank in Vietnam.

The Nebraska Republican crossed party lines yesterday as he endorsed< fellow veteran Joe Sestak in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

WFMJ: NY mayor endorses Sestak in Pa. US Senate race

PHILADELPHIA (AP) – New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says Democrat Joe Sestak is a strong, independent leader who should be the next U.S. senator from Pennsylvania.

Bloomberg stumped for Sestak on Tuesday at a recently rejuvenated strip mall in low-income North Philadelphia. The former Republican mayor is now an independent.

The Jewish Chronicle: Sestak speaks of moving forward in Middle East

Senate candidate Congressman Joe Sestak spoke on Monday June 14, or Flag Day, to an audience outside of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall highlighting the importance of a flag as a symbol for our allies in our role in world affairs.

Sestak also spoke of the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. He outlined specific ways in which the United States could help ease the tensions between Israel and Palestine.

Gant Daily: Sestak Calls on EPA to Step Up Oversight of Marcellus Drilling

MEDIA – Following a blowout at a Pennsylvania natural gas well, Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Congressman Joe Sestak called on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today to increase its oversight of Marcellus Shale development.

The blowout at the natural gas well in Clearfield County last week, apparently caused by a failed blowout preventer, spewed polluted drilling water and natural gas 75 feet in the air and on the ground before being capped 16 hours later. The drilling liquid from the well’s hydraulic fracturing activities, whereby the liquids are shot underground at high pressure to break up shale and release its natural gas, flowed off the site and toward tributaries to Little Laurel Run.