GoLocalPDX – Senator Ron Wyden: Protecting Children from Abuse and Neglect – An Oregon Perspective

Protecting our children from all of life’s ills, and especially from abuse and neglect, is perhaps our single most important responsibility as adults. There should be no controversy in that statement, no partisanship or disagreement.
And yet, the sad truth remains that too many children in Oregon and across the country are dying from abuse and neglect despite hard work to prevent those tragedies and efforts to understand why they happen.

That reality will be in the forefront in Portland this week when a federal Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities meets to hear ideas from local, state and federal officials for better protecting our kids.

The Commission was created after Congress passed the Protect Our Kids Act of 2012 to bring new perspective, insight and tools for preventing abuse and neglect. That work will form the basis for a report to be submitted to the President and Congress detailing specific recommendations for strategies to better protecting children from abuse and neglect.

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