Michigan Chronicle: Make Gary Peters Next U.S. Senator

Congressman Gary Peters has earned the right to become the next U.S. Senator from Michigan, and voters should give him that opportunity to serve the nation and Michigan at the highest level of our legislative system.

Peters, throughout the campaign, has demonstrated an understanding of the role of a U.S. Senator and will bring that knowledge to bear if he is elected by Michiganders to the world’s most powerful legislative body on Nov. 4.

The issues confronting America, our state and the city of Detroit are so large that we need a person who has not only a grasp of the matters that will come before the Senate, but also knows how to navigate the meandering paths of the legislative process.

Congressman Peters has shown during his time in the U.S. House of Representatives that he can navigate the sometimes difficult waters in Congress and deliver for his constituents. That experience, coupled with his varied experiences serving in similar public bodies in Michigan, has prepared him to represent the interests of Michigan in the Senate where he would be replacing the outgoing Senator Carl Levin, big shoes to fill.

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