The Republican: On anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, Sen. Ed Markey says more must be done to battle climate change

A year after Hurricane Sandy swept up the East Coast to meet with a storm coming from the west, some in coastal communities are still picking up the pieces of their lives. As the rebuilding continues, so does the political fight over the human contribution to such natural disasters and the appropriate subsequent response.

But on Monday, Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., the new chair of the Senate Climate Change Clearinghouse, reiterated his view that the human production of greenhouse gasses is contributing to severe weather events like Sandy and action needs to be taken.

The following is a statement sent from Sen. Markey’s office regarding the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy.

“One year after Superstorm Sandy destroyed beaches, neighborhoods, and businesses, these same areas now exemplify a phenomenal resolve and spirit as they rebuild their lives. Even as the regions affected by the storm continues to recover, our nation needs to take stock of our efforts to protect ourselves from disaster.

“We know the pollution we pump into the sky raises the seas, heats them up, and gives storms more power. We need to cut carbon pollution to reduce the risk of more powerful storms and other impacts of climate disruption.

“We realize that climate change is already here, lapping at our doorstep, whether it is the beaches of New Jersey or the flooding rains of Colorado. That’s why we also need to take action to protect our shores, our cities, and our nation to the impacts of a warming world that we can no longer avoid…”

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