Toledo Blade: Michelle Obama, Sherrod Brown visit Cincinnati to kick off early voting

First Lady Michelle Obama visited Ohio on the first day of early voting Tuesday, reminding a spirited crowd of 6,800 people that the last presidential election in the key swing state came down to just about 260,000 votes and that the current race will be even closer.

Mrs. Obama said that 260,000 votes may not sound like a lot, but broken down, they amounted to 24 votes per precinct.

“Do you hear me? Twenty-four votes!” she said. “Just take that in for a moment. That could mean just a couple votes in your neighborhood, on your block. That could be just a single vote in your apartment building, one vote in your dorm room.”

She urged everyone in the crowd to keep that number in their heads as the race comes down to its final weeks.

“It’s all at stake this November,” she said. “And it can all come down to what happens in just a few key battleground states like right here in Ohio.”

The crowd responded to the First Lady with roars of excitement throughout the 30-minute speech, chanting, “Fired up! Ready to vote!” and “Four more years!”

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