Journal Times: Baldwin: My focus is breathing life into American dream

When voters go to the polls in November, U.S. Rep. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., who is running for U.S. Senate this fall, said there is no question in her mind that people will be thinking about the economy and jobs.

For those in the middle class, there is “the dream of being able to save for your kids’ college education, save for a secure retirement so you have something other than Social Security to draw on, the dream of home ownership,” Baldwin said in a Friday visit with The Journal Times Editorial Board.

“In my view, that aspiration is still there,” she said. “But the reality … is there for many fewer families.”

The focus of her campaign is breathing life back into the American dream, she said.

Median wages have gone down, she said, and there are some immediate things that need to be done to help, such as extending the payroll tax cut for the middle class. That would give the average Wisconsin working family $1,600, Baldwin said.

Also, in the short-term focus, she said we still have a lot of people in the state who are part of the long-term unemployed.

“(They) need to see us extend those insurance benefits for this period of time,” Baldwin said.

But, she said, going forward there is no question the economy needs to grow.

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