Indy Star: Jill Biden: Iowa’s glass ceiling must be broken

The vice president’s wife is pushing for Christie Vilsack to be the state’s first woman in Congress.

A glass ceiling has hung over Iowa far too long, Jill Biden told a mostly female crowd of 320 at a private fundraiser Saturday afternoon in Des Moines.

Fourteen Democratic women have run for governor or federal office, and each has fallen short.

Biden’s message: Right this wrong by electing Christie Vilsack.

“We all know it’s long past time for Iowa to elect a woman to Congress,” Biden said. “Until now, the only place you could find a woman from Iowa serving in Congress was in the movies, and that was a Billy Wilder movie released in 1948.”

The 2012 Legacy Luncheon, organized by the Vilsack campaign to honor Iowa women in politics, was held at the Hotel Fort Des Moines. Vilsack, a Democrat, is challenging Republican U.S. Rep. Steve King, who has represented western Iowa for five terms.

“There aren’t two political leaders who care more about women than my husband Joe Biden and President Barack Obama — except perhaps a certain secretary of agriculture some of you may know,” Biden said, referring to Christie Vilsack’s husband, former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack.

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