HRC Blog: Elizabeth Warren: Champion for Equality

Elizabeth Warren is a champion for LGBT equality. She supports marriage equality and has vowed to fight the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA); she backs federal workplace protections for LGBT employees; and she recognizes the pervasive problem of bullying in our youth community. She has proven, time and again, to be a strong and reliable advocate for the LGBT community—but we need to help her get to the Senate first.

Scott Brown, on the other hand, opposed full equality time and again. Several years ago he said it was “just not normal” for a lesbian couple to have a baby. Brown is against marriage equality, and voted in the legislature to amend the Massachusetts constitution to ban same-sex marriage. Last year, he was the only member of the Massachusetts delegation not to record an “It Gets Better” video in support of LGBT youth. Perhaps worst of all, he called issues critical to advancing our equality – like workplace non-discrimination and DOMA repeal – “pet projects.”

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