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Michigan Chronicle: Make Gary Peters Next U.S. Senator

Congressman Gary Peters has earned the right to become the next U.S. Senator from Michigan, and voters should give him that opportunity to serve the nation and Michigan at the highest level of our legislative system.

Daily Record: Cory Booker co-sponsors first bill, leads Senate in first week as senator

It’s been a busy first week for New Jersey’s newest senator, who so far has shown he’s more interested in getting to know his colleagues and learning the ropes than basking in the national media spotlight.

Daily Herald: Obama signs Kirk-Durbin bill on epinephrine pens

The epinephrine stockpiling is aimed primarily at children who have previously undiagnosed allergies or as a backup for those with known allergies.

Estherville News: Braley makes Estherville visit

One of the men looking to fill the U.S. Senate seat held by Tom Harkin was inspired by the long-time senator from Iowa.

The Republican: On anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, Sen. Ed Markey says more must be done to battle climate change

A year after Hurricane Sandy swept up the East Coast to meet with a storm coming from the west, some in coastal communities are still picking up the pieces of their lives. As the rebuilding continues, so does the political fight over the human contribution to such natural disasters and the appropriate subsequent response.

But on Monday, Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., the new chair of the Senate Climate Change Clearinghouse, reiterated his view that the human production of greenhouse gasses is contributing to severe weather events like Sandy and action needs to be taken.

KFGO: Klobuchar bill aids sex trafficking victims

A new bill from Senator Amy Klobuchar helps ensure underage victims of sex trafficking get the support they need.

Huffington Post: Command Sgt. Major Tim Walz’s New Mission: Getting Disability Benefits to Wounded Soldiers

Congressman Tim Walz is on a mission. More than seven years after hanging up his National Guard uniform, Walz—the highest-ranking enlisted soldier on Capitol Hill—is fighting for a group of veterans few have ever heard of: wounded soldiers discharged with “personality disorder.”

Le Center Leader: Sen. Amy Klobuchar visits Le Center veterans

Sen. Amy Klobuchar was in Le Center on Monday, speaking with a group of veterans on a range of national and local issues that could have a large impact on them.

Fairbault Daily News: Congress on Your Corner: Rep. Tim Walz comes to Faribault

Rep. Tim Walz (D-Minn.) came to Faribault Thursday to spend some time getting to know his new constituents. Since federal congressional district lines were redrawn in Minnesota after the 2010 U.S. Census, Faribault changed hands from Minnesota’s Second to Minnesota’s First Congressional District — the district Walz serves. “Welcome back to the expanded District One,”…

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MSNBC: Congressman returns after 32-year break, says ‘money is toxic in politics’

First elected to the House in 1974, Rep. Rick Nolan, D-Minn., left after his third term ended in 1981–and now after a 32-year hiatus, Nolan is back. Much to his surprise, the biggest change he’s encountered was the work week, and he’s not happy about it. Nolan told NBC’s Chuck Todd that “committees and Congress…

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