Coloradoan: Bennet supports small business at brewery stop

While Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet talked about credit for small businesses, clean energy and education Tuesday afternoon at a campaign stop at Odell Brewing in Fort Collins, his supporters sipped hand-crafted brews.

“Times are tough for many small businesses across the state,” business co-owner Wynne Odell wrote in a prepared statement an assistant read because Odell lost her voice. “We need someone focused on solutions for small businesses. Michael Bennet has lived in the real world and knows what it takes to create jobs, grow a company and ensure that we succeed. He knows tough challenges require real solutions and Michael’s work in Washington is focused on results.”

Centre Daily: Choice is clear

We have always thought political candidates should be chosen by their accomplishments, not what they promise. For us, as retirees, there is only one choice for the Senate: Joe Sestak.

Journal Sentinel: First lady applauds Feingold’s record

Making her 2010 campaign debut, first lady Michelle Obama headlined a fund-raiser for Senate Democrat Russ Feingold on Wednesday, arguing for his political independence by noting that he “doesn’t always agree” with her husband, the president.

“So Russ, you and I have a little something in common,” she said, addressing a luncheon crowd of more than 700 people who paid $250 to $500 to attend the event at the U.S. Cellular Arena.

Star Tribune: Tim Walz Op-Ed: Tax cuts for the rich: Not a Minnesota value

In the past several years we have seen the toughest economic times in a generation, but I believe America’s best days are ahead of us.

Our can-do spirit and American ingenuity will get our economy back on track. We’re ending the bailout mentality. We are going to tackle the national debt and reign in spending. We can make things in America again, and we can make them better and more efficiently than anywhere in the world.

New York Times: With O’Donnell as Foil, Democrat Plays It Safe

NEW CASTLE, Del. — When Chris Coons was asked last week about a new television commercial in which his rival in this state’s Senate race, Christine O’Donnell, assured voters that she was not a witch, his smile was controlled and very, very brief.

“That’s got to be one of the more memorable ways to introduce oneself,” Mr. Coons said. Then he quickly steered the discussion toward the economy.

Missourian: LETTER: Robin Carnahan will stand up for Missourians

The choice between someone who has, and will, continue to support special interests groups and someone who will represent the average people of Missouri could not be more clear. Congressman Roy Blunt has been in Washington for 14 years supporting special interests groups, and being rewarded by those same groups with large sums of campaign contributions.

Robin Carnahan, however, has been living, working and serving right here in Missouri.

WFMZ: Sestak Speaks About Jobs, Outsourcing In Allentown

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — Jobs were on Democrat Joe Sestak’s mind when he visited his campaign office in Allentown Friday.

The U.S. Senate nominee spoke out about the outsourcing of American jobs.

The Day: Veterans in NL show support for Blumenthal

New London – The miscue happened so quickly and innocently that they couldn’t have planned it any better: Kathy Jackson, an Air Force veteran, introduced a fellow supporter of Democrat Richard Blumenthal, Cathy Osten, as “a Vietnam veteran.”

Not quite, Osten explained, when it was her turn to address the small rally of military veterans and labor union members who were demonstrating in favor of Blumenthal’s Senate candidacy in front of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on The Parade.

WCAX: NH’s Hodes: US must pursue terrorists relentlessly

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – New Hampshire’s Democratic Senate nominee says he has grave concerns whether the country’s current course pursuing terrorists in Afghanistan is achievable.