What’s next

Despite Wednesday night’s shocking power grab by 18 Republican state senators in Wisconsin, the fight for the middle class and working families isn’t over. And the same fight continues in Ohio, Indiana, and across the country.

Democrats are standing with working families. And it’s time for us to stand with them.

I'm challenging MVP supporters to give $5,000 to the Democratic parties of Ohio, of Indiana, and of Wisconsin.

But here's the best part: for every dollar you give to each party's Federal account, my Midwest Values PAC will match it 100%.

The Hill: Feingold forms PAC to boost liberal candidates, fight corporate influence

Former Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) on Wednesday announced the formation of a new liberal political group meant to boost liberal candidates and combat corporate influence in politics.

Detroit News: Sen. Franken to address Jefferson-Jackson Dinner at Cobo

Lansing— Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, the Michigan Democratic Party announced today.

MinnPost: U.S. Rep. Walz, a teacher by profession, decries Wisconsin actions

U.S. Rep. Tim Walz — a teacher on leave from Mankato West High School while he serves in Congress — said he opposes the vote taken Wednesday by Wisconsin legislators to restrict collective bargaining. He made this statement today:

Washington Post: Rep. Keith Ellison weeps at hearing on Muslim American communities

Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) broke down during his remarks at Congressman King’s (R-N.Y.) hearings on radicalization in the American Muslim community.

ARS Technica: Defining Internet “freedom”: Ars interviews Senator Al Franken

Since winning election to the US Senate in 2008, Al Franken (D-MN) has become one of that chamber’s top net neutrality defenders. With the House uninterested in compromise on the issue, the real push to gut the FCC’s existing net neutrality order will take place this year in the Senate.

Star Tribune: Franken says Gov. Walker simply trying to “bust unions”

Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., weighed in Thursday morning on the continuing political chaos in Wisconsin, saying Gov. Scott Walker’s moves against the state’s public employee unions are nothing more than an attempt to “union bust.”

Care2: Sen. Franken Stands Up For Planned Parenthood

Minnesota Senator Al Franken has been an active advocate for women ever since he entered congress. He was one of the key politicians to push to have military contractors defunded for punishing rape victims who were attacked on the job, as happened to Jamie Leigh Jones. And he championed the cause to abolish the practice of making rape victims pay for the processing on their own rape kits.

Pioneer Press: Bachmann, Clark in first-time toe-to-toe

Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann and Democratic challenger Tarryl Clark will share the stage for the first time today in St. Cloud in the race to see who will represent Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District.

That may seem odd with just a week to go until Election Day, but the limited contact between the two, as well as their bare-knuckle, nearly ubiquitous ad war, only serves to heighten the anticipation heading into today’s event, as well as two more debates to follow.