What’s next

Despite Wednesday night’s shocking power grab by 18 Republican state senators in Wisconsin, the fight for the middle class and working families isn’t over. And the same fight continues in Ohio, Indiana, and across the country.

Democrats are standing with working families. And it’s time for us to stand with them.

I'm challenging MVP supporters to give $5,000 to the Democratic parties of Ohio, of Indiana, and of Wisconsin.

But here's the best part: for every dollar you give to each party's Federal account, my Midwest Values PAC will match it 100%.

Pitch in $10 now — MVP will match it dollar for dollar, doubling your impact.

Our contributions won't just be tokens of our gratitude to those taking tough stands. They'll help to prepare Democrats standing with working Americans to continue this fight in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

People want to hold accountable elected officials who are willing to sell them out. We’ll be there to help. And where the test of resolve continues, we’ll be standing with those who stand up for the middle class.

And remember, our MVP match will double the impact of any contribution you make.

This means if you chip in $5, $10 goes to the fight for working families in Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin. If you can afford $25, it'll be $50 going to support those fighting day and day out against anti-labor Republicans and their corporate allies.

Double your impact today! Contribute $10 right now, and we’ll also send $10 to our friends in OH, WI, and IN who are standing up for the middle class.

Let’s do something big together for our friends who are doing something big for us.

Thanks for staying strong,