The Hill: Feingold forms PAC to boost liberal candidates, fight corporate influence

Former Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) on Wednesday announced the formation of a new liberal political group meant to boost liberal candidates and combat corporate influence in politics.

Feingold, the three-term former senator and liberal stalwart, said he had formed Progressives United, a full-service action group with its own political action committee (PAC).

“We’re starting a new organization, Progressives United, that will help us fight back,” Feingold said in a Web video announcing the group. “We’ll work to ensure that our elected officials, both Republicans and Democratic, are held accountable to the people, and not to the lobbyists in Washington. We’ll call out the media, when they hide from the real story. And we’ll support candidates when they uphold our progressive ideals, even if the Beltway establishment doesn’t.”

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