Star Tribune: Franken says Gov. Walker simply trying to “bust unions”

Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., weighed in Thursday morning on the continuing political chaos in Wisconsin, saying Gov. Scott Walker’s moves against the state’s public employee unions are nothing more than an attempt to “union bust.”

“I think the governor is clear that he’s trying to union bust,” Franken said after a press conference at the state Capitol. “He’s gotten the concessions on salaries and pensions that he wants. If he wants to end this thing, he can — right away.”

As for the prank phone call in which Walker believed he was talking to billionaire David Koch, Franken said it reveals that Walker’s agenda is “greater than balancing the budget … His agenda is nationwide, to bust labor and bust unions.” He also called Walker’s description during the call comparing his stand to the fall of the Berlin Wall “a little self-aggrandizing.”

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