Portsmouth Daily Times: Brown signs anti-SB 5 referendum

In a news release from the Ohio Democratic Party, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, says he has signed the petition calling for a referendum against the law produced by the passage of Senate Bill 5, which restricts collective bargaining by Ohio’s public employees.

“This week, I joined hundreds of thousands of Ohioans in signing the petition to repeal Senate Bill 5. There is nothing more rewarding than standing with all of you as we fight to protect Ohio’s middle class,” Brown said. “You know and I know that our economy will be strong only if our middle class is strong. You know and I know that jobs would be lost and communities destroyed unless we repeal Senate Bill 5. Millions of Americans fought for worker rights. We must continue that fight. Ohioans may be on our side, but that won’t stop millions of special interest dollars from outside Ohio that will flood the airwaves with misleading ads.”

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