NPR: Rep. Tim Walz Vows A Hard Vote On The Debt Ceiling

When it comes to the debt ceiling, most lawmakers would rather take a salary cut than vote to raise it. But Democratic Rep. Tim Walz of Minnesota is not one of them. True, he’s among the dozen House Democrats the GOP considers most beatable next year. Walz is back in his swing district trying to keep his balance, and NPR’s David Welna travels with him.


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Many lawmakers, Republican or Democrat, might sooner take a salary cut than vote to raise the debt ceiling. But Tim Walz is not one of them. He’s a third-term Democratic congressman from southern Minnesota, and the only member of Congress who has returned to the Treasury every salary increase he’s received. Walz is also making no bones about his desire to lift the limit on the national debt.

Congress returns to Washington next week to deal with difficult budget questions. This past week, NPR’s David Welna caught up with Walz at the Rotary Club meeting in Mankato, Minnesota.

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