Youngstown Vindicator: For U.S. Senate: Lee Fisher

We have become such an impa- tient nation in so any ways, politics included, that it is increasingly difficult to maintain some sort of historical perspective.

It is the tenet of one political party that in the 21 months since President Barack Obama took office, things have moved far too fast toward “socialism” and far too slowly toward “economic recovery.”

The proper response to this, we are told, is change and change now. The direction in which to change is to go back.

No president, and no political party of a president, has ever been held to so stringent a standard for revitalizing a damaged economy in such a short time. Against what appears to be the prevailing conventional wisdom, we are saying, not so fast.

Economies and budgets do not turn on a dime. Ronald Reagan was not held to a 21- month standard in reversing the rising interest rates and unemployment he inherited from Jimmy Carter. Bill Clinton was not held to such a standard in putting the brakes on a pattern of deficit spending he inherited from Reagan and George Bush. And George W. Bush’s eight years, well, we know what the economy was like when he took office and when he left, but the extraordinary events of Sept. 11, 2001, just eight months into his presidency, make it too soon to draw a historical comparison.

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