Worthington Daily Globe: Letter: Walz has ability to rise above partisanship

This weekend, Republican former Gov. Arnie Carlson crossed party lines to endorse Tim Walz for Congress.

In his endorsement speech, Gov. Carlson said many good things about Congressman Walz. But what struck me was Carlson’s emphasis on the need for leaders who can rise above partisanship and short-term pressures and put our nation’s long-term interests first — leaders like Tim Walz. Gov. Carlson accurately described Tim Walz as a man of honesty and integrity, a man who works hard to understand the issues facing our nation and one of the most outstanding leaders that Minnesota has.

Earlier this summer, Republican and former U.S. Senator Dave Durenberger also endorsed Tim Walz. Sen. Durenberger is now a Senior Health Policy Fellow at the University of St. Thomas and a widely respected expert on health care policy. Sen. Durenberger praised Walz’s command of healthcare issues and Walz’s ability to bring people together.

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