Wausau Daily Herald: Julie Lassa asks federal legislators to take a pay cut

Democratic congressional candidate Julie Lassa called on federal lawmakers Wednesday to take a 10 percent pay cut until the national unemployment rate returns to pre-2008 levels.

The National Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the unemployment rate at 5.8 percent nationally in 2008 and 9.3 in 2009.

Lassa, a state senator from Stevens Point, faces Superior real estate agent Don Raihala in the Sept. 14 primary to replace retiring Rep. Dave Obey, D-Wausau. Former Ashland County District Attorney Sean Duffy and Rudolph farmer Dan Mielke are running in the Republican primary.

Lassa also asked Congress to refuse pay raises until the federal budget is balanced.

“As Julie’s traveled the district on the campaign trail, families have shared how they’ve tightened their belts,” Lassa’s campaign spokeswoman Haley Morris said. “She’s asking Washington to do the same.”

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