Wall Street Journal: Senate Rejects Ban on Greenhouse-Gas Rules

U.S. Senate Democrats, responding to the environmental wing of the party’s base, held together and narrowly fended off a Republican-led effort to overturn the first-ever nationwide regulations to limit greenhouse-gas emissions.

By 53-47, the U.S. Senate blocked a “disapproval resolution” targeting a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finding that rising concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere endanger the public. The finding, issued last year, is the basis for new rules to curb greenhouse-gas emissions from cars, trucks, power plants and other facilities. Businesses have warned that higher costs and job losses will result. The Republicans needed 51 votes to advance the resolution and begin the process of stopping the EPA.

“This was in many ways a turning point for the United States Senate,” declared Sen. Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.), after the vote.

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