The Lantern: Lt. Gov. Fisher stops at Ohio Union to stress making college affordable to everyone

Ohio Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher echoed President Barack Obama’s call for college students to become more politically active at a meeting on campus Tuesday.

About 50 students and community members gathered in the U.S. Bank Conference Theater at the Ohio Union to watch Fisher speak after a screening of Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Committee rally at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Fisher “came to kind of respond to the president’s message and put it into a local context,” said Matt Caffrey, president of OSU College Democrats. “He’s been crisscrossing the state in this bus tour for a little over the past month.”

Following Obama’s speech, Fisher, the Ohio Democratic senatorial candidate, took the stage and emphasized the importance of voting.

“This election, for me and a lot of my colleagues, could be close enough that we could be looking at our margin of victory right here,” Fisher said, referring to the audience members. “What’s going to make the difference between whether it’s victory or defeat? You.”

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