The Journal Times: Feingold voted against policies that led to economic crisis, he tells Journal Times

RACINE – In an election year when the party in power is receiving lots of criticism, Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., said he voted against bills that contributed to the current economic conditions.

“I voted against these deficit policies. I voted against financial recklessness policies. And I voted against trade policies,” Feingold said Tuesday to The Journal Times Editorial Board.

The Editorial Board was one of Feingold’s campaign stops Tuesday, along with a tour of Downtown businesses. The general election is Nov. 2, and Republican candidates have also been campaigning hard for his seat. The primary is Sept. 14.

The deficit policies he is referring to are George W. Bush’s policies, which Feingold said led to the deficit. When President Bill Clinton left office there was no deficit, now 75 percent of the “mess” we have now is from the Bush period’s unfunded policies, Feingold said.

“Bush embarrassed the Republican Party,” Feingold said.

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