The Jewish Chronicle: Sestak speaks of moving forward in Middle East

Senate candidate Congressman Joe Sestak spoke on Monday June 14, or Flag Day, to an audience outside of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall highlighting the importance of a flag as a symbol for our allies in our role in world affairs.

Sestak also spoke of the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. He outlined specific ways in which the United States could help ease the tensions between Israel and Palestine.

“The way forward in the Middle East is communication,” Sestak said. “There must be direct talks between the Israelis and Palestinians, mediated by the United States. The proximity talks that began recently were an important step, but there will never be peace by proxy.”

Sestak also gave reasons that he believes peace talks have not worked in the past.

“When the stakes are so profound, and when too many are more focused on settling old scores than healing old wounds, leaders cannot be expected to yield intractable positions,” Sestak said.

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