The Hellenic News of America: Joe Sestak Hosts Hispanic Town Hall

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – U.S. Senate candidate Joe Sestak hosted a town hall with members of the Hispanic community this afternoon, where he urged local residents and leaders to fight for a better future for their community by taking an active role in the upcoming election.

Coming the day before the start of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Admiral Sestak said that the diversity of our country remains one of its greatest strengths, particularly the conttributions made by the Hispanic community. Unfortunately, the Hispanic and other minority communities have been among the hardest hit by the recession.

“Unemployment rate across the country hovers around 10 percent, but the unemployment rate among Hispanics is 12 percent,” said Joe. “We need to realize that these concerns can’t be pigeonholed as ‘Hispanic issues.’ They are American issues, which reflect our ability and responsibility to live up to our values, and in this charge we must do more.”

Joined at the event by members of the Hispanic Clergy and Esperanza, Joe said there must be an expansion of economic opportunities to allow entrepreneurs in the Hispanic community to succeed.

As Vice Chairman of the Small Business Committee, Joe’s worked to expand lending programs that target minority and women-owned small businesses, but he knows more can be done to help companies get off the ground and create new career opportunities for our young people as they enter the workforce.

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