The Day: Veterans in NL show support for Blumenthal

New London – The miscue happened so quickly and innocently that they couldn’t have planned it any better: Kathy Jackson, an Air Force veteran, introduced a fellow supporter of Democrat Richard Blumenthal, Cathy Osten, as “a Vietnam veteran.”

Not quite, Osten explained, when it was her turn to address the small rally of military veterans and labor union members who were demonstrating in favor of Blumenthal’s Senate candidacy in front of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on The Parade.

Osten served in the Army during the Vietnam War, but as a Chinese linguist for the Army security agency, not in Vietnam itself.

“You can see how easy it is to make that mistake,” Osten said.

Blumenthal, of course, has most notably made the mistake of suggesting his military service took him into Vietnam itself – a false statement that his Republican opponent, Linda McMahon, has forcefully branded as a “lie” and made the centerpiece of an aggressive advertising campaign questioning Blumenthal’s character.

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