Sunshine State News: Vets Rally With Kendrick Meek

While still down in the polls, Kendrick Meek is trying to bolster his U.S. Senate campaign with the help of the state’s veterans.

Meek spoke to a handful of vets and other supporters Tuesday afternoon at a Democratic call center in Delray Beach. The event served as a formal kick-off for the ‘Veterans with Meek’ organization.

The majority of veterans’ groups, like the VFW, are 501c3 organizations, which means they are unable to come out and officially support any candidates in political campaigns. But Meek says he has more than 300 individual veterans across the state who have signed on to help him win the U.S. Senate seat.

Meek told the group his uncle was a veteran of the Korean War and World War II, and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Steve Carrilio, a war veteran living in Boca Raton, claims Meek’s uncle, and his other experiences, give him an edge over Marco Rubio or Charlie Crist.

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