Sunshine State News: Meek Blasts Crist, Makes His Own Case to the Union

Trailing badly in the polls behind Republican candidate Marco Rubio and newly independent Gov. Charlie Crist, Congressman Kendrick Meek spoke to the AFL-CIO convention in Jacksonville on Saturday morning, desperately seeking their endorsement.

Meek, still the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, received a warm reception, but so did Crist when he spoke to the meeting Friday afternoon. With both Crist and the congressman seeking the AFL-CIO endorsement, Meek attacked the governor in his speech.

“I’m here in solidarity with you,” said Meek, who talked about his mother, a longtime Florida politician, and her commitment to working Floridians. “I need your full support,” he said, insisting he had always been fighting alongside the AFL-CIO. “I need you to be with me.”

“The nation is watching the decision you make today,” said Meek. “This state needs leadership and it needs it now. Not sometime leadership but leadership all the time.”

Meek then took a shot at Crist, saying the governor was less than consistent in supporting labor issues. Meek said Crist had not always supported the Employee Free Choice Act. Meek also said he was the only candidate who supported the Obama healthcare plan.

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