St. Louis American: Sec. of State Robin Carnahan speaks on Wall Street reform legislation

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan was eager to voice her opinion regarding the U.S. Senate’s passage of the Wall Street reform legislation. Carnahan hopes that it will be the first of many actions to protect citizens in the future.

Her complete statement reads as follows:

“Although I’m pleased that the Senate has finally taken some action to rein in Wall Street, more needs to be done to protect consumers against future financial crises.

My office has stood up for Missouri consumers, especially seniors, against financial fraud. In the past 3 years alone, when folks in Washington were asleep at the switch, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people get back over $10 billion from big financial institutions and small time scam artists. As Missouri’s Chief Securities Regulator, I have consistently advocated for strong enforcement powers for state regulators, who are the local ‘cops on the beat,’ as Congress debates this reform in Washington.

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