St Cloud Times: Our View: Bachmann isn’t serving district’s best interests

Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District is diverse. It features rural, agricultural edges; vast stretches of exurban areas; an overload of suburbs; and enough urban pockets to raise eyebrows.

Growth-related challenges abound, and this recession — fomented by the bursting housing bubble — didn’t help.

All of that is why the district needs a U.S. House member who puts constituent service first. Sadly, after four years in office, Michele Bachmann has proved with unabashed consistency that serving 6th District constituents is essentially her last priority.

Come Nov. 2, voters should replace her with Tarryl Clark.

Regular Our View readers shouldn’t be surprised by this endorsement. This board in April of 2009 wrote off Bachmann’s desire to serve the voters who elect her.

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