Shoreline Plus: Sierra Club endorses Richard Blumenthal for the U.S. Senate

The Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club, in conjunction with the national Sierra Club, announces its endorsement of candidate Richard Blumenthal for election as U.S. senator from Connecticut.

“Richard Blumenthal’s experience, values, integrity, energy, and dedication as the state’s Attorney General have been instrumental in creating strong environment protections for the state. Connecticut is a cleaner, healthier and more desirable place to live and work due to his diligence and efforts” said Martin Mador, Political Co-Chair of the Sierra Club’s Connecticut Chapter. “His role in enforcement of state law and as an advocate in the legislative and administrative arenas for strong protections has substantially improved the quality of life here.”

“Richard Blumenthal has worked with unfailing determination to protect the environmental quality of Connecticut. He has pledged to continue to be a vocal and strong proponent of our environment”, said John Blake, Connecticut Sierra Chapter Chair. “We trust he will be a strong advocate for rebuilding America’s economy and creating jobs by promoting clean energy technologies, saving Americans money through energy efficiency projects, promoting smart land use policies, restoring water protections eroded by the courts, and reducing pollution. He strongly supports assisting US industry as we move away from fossil fuels and towards a clean energy economy. We expect that his environmental values will inform his future work as a Senator as strongly as they have his past work as the state’s Attorney General.”

“I have stood strong, with the Sierra Club and other environmental advocates, against powerful special interests and even the federal government when their actions or inaction have threatened Connecticut’s environment and precious natural resources,” said Blumenthal. “I thank the Sierra Club for their dedication to upholding high environmental standards and for their endorsement of my candidacy. In the Senate I will work to create clean energy jobs and fight just as tirelessly and tenaciously as I have as Attorney General to preserve and protect our environment.”

According to Wende Harper, Political Co-Chair, “Richard Blumenthal, in his position as Attorney General, has vigorously advocated for these protections. He has given notice to potential polluters, enforced the laws appropriately when violations occurred, and asked the courts to impose penalties when appropriate both to recover the costs of remediation and to serve as a deterrent to future violations. He has worked effectively with representatives of other states to require compliance with federal laws and regulations on issues which affect Connecticut.”

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