Sheboygan Press: Letters: Feingold stands up for Wisconsin workers

You know both of the candidates for U.S. Senator know that government does not create jobs. But one of the candidates knows how to fight to retain jobs and get the private sector to create jobs.

That candidate is current Sen. Russ Feingold. He stood up for the Wisconsin worker by opposing trade agreements like NAFTA and opposing future trade agreements like the New Zealand agriculture trade.

His opponent, the self-proclaimed manufacturer, likes NAFTA even though trade agreements like this have cost Wisconsinites manufacturing jobs.

Russ Feingold also has proposed efforts to create new jobs like the HIRE Act, which the executives at Oshkosh Corp. thanked Feingold for because it helped them create new jobs at their factory.

Should we elect a man with no plan how to fix the things he says are going wrong in Washington?

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