Reno News & Review: Speaking for themselves: Veteran groups say Harry Reid has been good on troop issues

Republican U.S. senate candidate Sharron Angle has been attacking her Democratic opponent, Harry Reid, for failing U.S. troops.

But organizations representing the troops give the Nevada senator high marks.

Early in her campaign and after she won the GOP nomination, Angle was critical of Reid’s comment that the war in Iraq was lost. She included it in a litany of what she considers his gaffes, as in a June interview: “I feel like I’m more mainstream than the fellow that said tourists stink, this war is lost, and light-skinned no-Negro dialect.” She has also said the remark undercut U.S. forces.

Since Angle took on a new team of handlers, she has taken a different tack, trying to identify herself with Gen. David Petraeus—once leader of U.S. forces in the Middle East, now commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan—and to pit Reid against Petraeus.

“Senator Harry Reid has spent years openly mocking General David Petraeus and his strategy for success in Iraq,” she said through a spokesperson. “Reid declared the Iraq war lost, claimed General Petraeus was a liar, voted in support of MoveOn’s assertion that his nickname was ‘General Betray Us,’ and from his bell tower at the Ritz-Carlton, claimed the four-star general was out of touch with reality in Baghdad.”

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