Press and Journal: Sestak brings ‘blue collar’ theme to Mack plant

Rep. Joe Sestak, the Democratic candidate for Sen. Arlen Specter’s seat in Congress, portrays himself as a blue-collar guy, son of a steelworker from Delaware County, Navy veteran, someone who embraces the struggles of the working class.

He stood at a podium Wednesday, Sept. 8, outside Mack Trucks, Inc., Remanufacturing Center in Lower Swatara Twp., sleeves rolled up, tie off, surrounded by union workers at the plant as he campaigned for votes, insisting that Pennsylvania would be better off with him in the Senate instead of Pat Toomey, the Republican conservative and former congressman running against him.

He paints Toomey, a former Wall Street derivatives dealer, as an economic elitist whose conservative beliefs are far to the right.

“This is where I belong,’’ declared Sestak, as machinists and other workers from the plant stood behind him. “This is who I’m running for – the working families of Pennsylvania.’’

He describes himself as a supporter of small business, driven by working class values, concerned about the loss of manufacturing jobs to foreign countries, while insisting that Toomey caters only to big business, driven by a Wall Street pedigree that leaves him out of touch with the working class.

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