Nevada Appeal: Letter to the Editor: We need Harry Reid’s power in Washington

We need Harry Reid’s power in Washington

I recently watched a political ad implying that Harry Reid is responsible for the housing market collapse and the high unemployment rate in Nevada. Most intelligent people realize that this is a ridiculous claim. It is obvious that our current economy has been caused by greed in various sectors and the failure of Nevada to diversify its economy.

I am greatly concerned by the possibility Nevada may elect another junior senator. Do we want to leave Nevada without a strong voice in Washington? We need to be aware of how often Harry Reid has helped our state during his term in office. He has a strong voice in Washington. We need him there to help Nevada survive these difficult times.

Angle does not reflect my views and ideals. It seems that the political party she represents is attempting to make her ideology more acceptable by coaching her on how to speak during her public appearances.

Please utilize the gift of your right to vote. Vote for the candidates representing your ideals in November. Every vote does count.

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