Nashua Telegraph: Hodes: Independence and integrity key to public service

I got my start in public service in the New Hampshire attorney general’s office, under former New Hampshire Attorney General and later Supreme Court Justice David Souter.

What impressed me most about Justice Souter, from the very first time I interviewed with him, was his independence, integrity and his clear message that, as public servants, we answer to the people and no one else.

I carry that lesson with me every single day. It’s defined my career in public service, and it’s the reason I’m running for the U.S. Senate. I believe New Hampshire deserves a senator who will answer to the people and who shows the fierce independence this state is so proud of.

We can see that Washington is more interested in the petty, partisan issues of the day than in helping middle-class families with the problems they face every day. I have not and will not get distracted by the political noise. I will always stand up for you, no matter what political pressures, special interests or other influences try to get in the way.

I don’t answer to the deep pockets of special interests. I don’t answer to my party’s leaders. I don’t answer to the politics of the day, even when I face partisan attacks. And I don’t answer to the Washington establishment that wants to tell us what New Hampshire needs.

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