Missourian: LETTER: Robin Carnahan will stand up for Missourians

The choice between someone who has, and will, continue to support special interests groups and someone who will represent the average people of Missouri could not be more clear. Congressman Roy Blunt has been in Washington for 14 years supporting special interests groups, and being rewarded by those same groups with large sums of campaign contributions.

Robin Carnahan, however, has been living, working and serving right here in Missouri.

As a retired person, one thing that scares me about Roy Blunt is his support for privatizing Social Security. Like many politicians, he can’t be pinned down on his position while an election is going on, but he supported the idea in the past, and I have no doubt he still supports it. If you currently receive Social Security, you might want to consider what would have happened when the stock market crashed in 2008, if your funds had been invested in stocks. Only Wall Street will make money on a privatized Social Security system, and no one is more supportive of Wall Street than Roy Blunt.

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