Miami Herald: Meek consistent in oil drilling opposition

With the Gulf oil spill threatening Florida’s pristine beaches and public support for offshore oil drilling waning, Democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek of Miami has accused his rivals of backing oil drilling at one time or another, and says he’s the only candidate to consistently oppose expanded offshore exploration.

He made the argument on his campaign website, where he encouraged people to sign a petition against offshore oil drilling. This is what he wrote:

“The recent disaster in the Gulf just underscores the need for a moratorium on any new offshore drilling, but Charlie Crist is busy flip-flopping his stance and Marco Rubio refuses to rule drilling out. Kendrick Meek is the only candidate who has consistently been against expanded drilling.

Meek has largely opposed increased offshore drilling during his congressional tenure. But is he the only candidate consistently opposed to it?

We checked with the other major Senate candidates on the issue. Those who have held public office — Gov. Charlie Crist, former House Speaker Marco Rubio and former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferre — have publicly declared their positions to various media. Libertarian Alexander Snitker and Jeff Greene, both of whom have never held public office, each stated — for all intents and purposes — their opposition. Here’s a more detailed look at each of the candidates:

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