Miami Herald: Joe Garcia reveals 25-idea economic plan

Set against a backdrop of stubbornly high unemployment and sky-high home foreclosures, Democratic congressional candidate Joe Garcia unveiled an economic plan Thursday pushing for help for small businesses and homeowners — and a heap of tax cuts and credits.

Garcia’s plan centers on offering more loans and tax incentives to small businesses and providing more tax cuts and deductions for the middle-class, working parents and the elderly.

His campaign dubbed it “25 for 25,” as in 25 ideas to create jobs in the sprawling 25th Congressional District, which includes areas struggling with foreclosed homes, like Homestead and parts of Collier County, and areas key to South Florida’s economic engine, like Doral.

Garcia chose Doral to release his plan, surrounded by eight business people inside the chilly, Colombian-American owned Falcon Farms flower packaging and distribution plant.

“As the son of small-business owners, I know exactly how it can make a difference in people’s lives,” said Garcia, whose parents ran a beauty salon and a small financial consulting business. “I also know that it’s the first line in creating new jobs.”

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