Heartland Connection: Carnahan campaigns in Kirksville to “Stop the Bull”

KIRKSVILLE, MO — Democrat Robin Carnahan brought her “Stop the Bull” campaign to Kirksville on Wednesday. In recent months, Carnahan has been traveling throughout Missouri talking about her focus on putting middle class families first and fixing what’s broken in Washington. Carnahan is currently Missouri’s Secretary of State and is running for United States Senate. “To me, Washington is broken” said Carnahan. “First thing that we need to do is get this wasteful spending under control. Second thing we need to do is focus on small businesses that create jobs and not keep bailing out the folks that are to big to fail and got us into this mess. The third thing is we got to take on this culture of corruption and that’s what I was in Kirksville talking about today.”

The apparent front-runner in the Republican race is longtime Rep. Roy Blunt. Carnahan said Blunt’s 14-year presence in Washington lacks representation of the people back home in Missouri. “Look, I think there’s going to be a really clear choice,” Carnahan said. “Congressman Blunt has been in Washington for 14 years. He’s been looking out for special interests and got too cozy with them. He’s the top recipient of campaign money in all of Congress. Meantime, I’ve been here in Missouri. I’ve been looking out for consumers, getting $10 billion back from big financial institutes that were taken advantage of folks. I’ve been cost cutting at red tape for small businesses so they can do what they need to do

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