Hartford Courant: Blumenthal to Obama: Give Gulf drilling disaster committee subpoena power

Hours before President Obama addresses the nation about the environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, U.S. Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal has some advice for him.

Blumenthal is calling on Obama to grant subpoena power to the committee investigating the drilling disaster. “I know from my personal experience in conducting major investigations that the granting of subpoena power is critical to uncovering the truth, especially when big corporations resist it,” Blumenthal said via press release today.

Blumenthal said he supports Obama’s plan to press BP to set up an escrow account impacted by the disaster.

“Here in Connecticut, we value the beauty of our shoreline and we’re constantly reminded of the need to protect Long Island Sound. Imagine if this disaster had struck our shores,” Blumenthal said. “This disaster is the result of lax federal government oversight, as well as BP’s putting profits over safety. We must do more to ensure vigorous safety standards, hold BP accountable, and stop the companies from policing themselves.”

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