Evansville Courier and Press: Off and running: Jack Conway

WASHINGTON — Democratic Senate candidate Jack Conway insists Kentucky is ready to embrace “a new generation of leadership” and his experience, coupled with the energy of youth, renders him ready to step into the breach.

At 41, Conway is stealthily bringing the “torch has passed to a new generation” thoughts uttered by another young politico — John F. Kennedy — into the Bluegrass State of 2010.

Conway already has molded a substantial political resume, leading to a term as the state’s attorney general. In citing that extensive background, invoking iconic figures such as Wendell Ford and Henry Clay, he is forging a path to Washington that differs markedly from the road taken by his Republican rival Rand Paul.

While Paul consistently emphasizes he is not a professional politician, Conway is stressing his government experience and a proven ability to get things done. Throughout his political career, Conway said, he has proved able to hold people and government accountable.

“That’s so important right now as we try to reform Wall Street, rein in spending and make sure regulators are actually doing their job,” he said at a recent forum.

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