Denver Post: Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate

Both men running for U.S. Senate in Colorado know that Washington is broken.

But The Denver Post believes one of them is better suited to fix it than the other.

Michael Bennet, who was appointed as Colorado’s junior senator in January 2009, has the temperament, intelligence and passion to be a leader — not just for Colorado, but also for the fractured Senate and the country.

Bennet has the potential to lead a bipartisan coalition of centrist U.S. senators who can finally begin tackling the nation’s burdensome debt, the unsustainable entitlement system, and the confusing, unfair tax code while also helping to guide us out of two wars and a deep recession.

These are monumental tasks, to be sure. They will require sacrifice from all Americans, but also intelligence and deftness from our leaders.

Bennet can do that. He must.

But first, he must be Colorado’s senator — not President Obama’s senator or Harry Reid’s senator.

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