Coloradoan: Bennet supports small business at brewery stop

While Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet talked about credit for small businesses, clean energy and education Tuesday afternoon at a campaign stop at Odell Brewing in Fort Collins, his supporters sipped hand-crafted brews.

“Times are tough for many small businesses across the state,” business co-owner Wynne Odell wrote in a prepared statement an assistant read because Odell lost her voice. “We need someone focused on solutions for small businesses. Michael Bennet has lived in the real world and knows what it takes to create jobs, grow a company and ensure that we succeed. He knows tough challenges require real solutions and Michael’s work in Washington is focused on results.”

Bennet, who encouraged the audience of about 20 to continue to go door-to-door to support his campaign, said he believes small businesses are crucial to the country’s economic success, and he voted for a recently passed bill that will help make it easier for them to get credit. His opponent, Republican Ken Buck, opposed the bill.

Buck’s campaign spokes-man, Owen Loftus, said Buck was more concerned about how to make sure businesses weren’t taking on debt they wouldn’t be able to repay.

He said policies congressional Democrats – and Bennet, in particular – have passed, including taxes, energy bills and health insurance requirements, have hurt the economy and made the future uncertain for business owners.

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