AOL News: Lee Fisher: Why You Should Vote for Me

(Oct. 14) — Ohioans are hurting from this deep economic recession, and many are out of work and struggling to find jobs. This national recession was brought on by failed economic and trade policies from Washington and Wall Street. It has hurt Ohio families through no fault of their own. I’ve spent my life in Ohio, not Washington, traveling to every corner of the state to save, create and attract jobs here. As a U.S. senator, my priorities will be getting Ohioans back to work and rebuilding and growing the middle class.

I have a plan to put Ohioans back to work. While the worst of the economic crisis may be over, too many Ohioans continue to struggle. We must move quickly to help spur new hiring and support small businesses that need access to capital to expand.

First, I plan to end tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas and replace it with a job creation tax credit to encourage the private sector. The credit would provide businesses up to twice the payroll tax for all new hires over the next two years. Unlike proposals to cut payroll takes across the board, which my opponent supports, a targeted tax credit would specifically support the creation of new jobs. A 2009 study from the Economic Policy Institute shows a job creation tax credit could create up to 5 million new jobs over the next two years.

I plan to redirect stimulus funds to projects immediately creating jobs. President Barack Obama should lead an effort to redirect unspent economic recovery funds — estimated at several billion dollars — into infrastructure and home weatherization efforts. This will put Ohioans back to work and improve energy efficiency for years to come.

I support the current Small Business Jobs Act. Small businesses are the backbone of Ohio’s economy, and without access to capital, small businesses cannot invest in technology, expand their business and create jobs. I support using TARP funds to create a $30 billion fund that will allow local community banks to provide loans to the men and women who create the majority of new jobs — small-business owners.

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